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18th July 2017 – Junior karate students all passed their grades. Four new yellow belts and few black tags on white.

Junior grading july 18th

25.4.17 – Four students passed 3rd Kyu brown belts and 2 passed 2nd Kyu under Sensei Alan Francis 6th Dan. Well done! Also special thanks to others to took part in training and helped out with grading as well.

brown belt grade

14.2.17 – Senior grades – Well done for passing your grades! Brown and purple grades next! watch this space!

senior grading feb 17

junior grading feb 17

14.2.17 – Junior grades.  Well done for passing your grades!  Keep up the good work!

Grading Dec 15

November 2015 – Well done to Senior/Teens for passing your grades!  Well Done!

November 24th 2015 – Well done to you all for passing your grades!  Very proud!

Grading Juniors Dec 15

On 14th July 2015 all 15 student passed their grades at Pantyffynon Higashi Karate Club. Sensei Susy & Dania are very proud.  Well done guys!

Grading Kids 14.7.15

Grading 14.7.15

Both Pantyffynnon and Peniel Higashi all all passed their grades on 17th and 19th March 2015.  Well done!

Peniel 19.3.15

Dec Grading 2014Peniel Higashi Students passed their grades early December 2014. Well done to you all!

Oct 2014. Young 6 yr old Ishola Adamson won silver medal for Kata at WHKK Championship in St. Clears.  Well done Ishola!

Ishola 2014

Holiday 2014 4706 students all passed their grades 2nd October 2014.  Well done!

Holiday 2014 465

17 students from Pantyffynnon all passed their grades on 30th September 2014.  Well done!

Charity 2014 etc 007Andrea Price & Robert Moore from Peniel Higashi Karate Club both passed their grades on 17th July 2014.  Well done to you both!

Young Charis Richards from Pantyffynon Karate club won her first Bronze medal at Carmarthenshire Karate Competition 2014.  Well done & you did us all proud!

Charity 2014 etc 002

On 9th March 2014, Susy was promoted to National Welsh Judge at Welsh Championship in Cardiff by two World Referees. She also won place as a Volunteer “Accommodation Champion” for IPC European Athletic Championship in Swansea 2014 in August 18th to 23rd.

Grading March 2014 015 14 Students from Peniel Higashi Karate all passed their grades on 27th March 2014.  Well done!  Grading March 2014 007

14 students from Llandybie Higashi Karate all passed their grades on 25th March 2014.  Little Tayyib wanted to have his picture taken so we decided to award him for cuteness! Well done!

Grading March 2014 001

Both Clubs – students all passed their grades in December 2013.  Well Done!

Grading 2013 Dec 001

Llandybie & Peniel Higashi Karate club all wore pyjamas to their respective clubs and raised £284.70 for Children in Need.  Well done!

  • Llandybie Children in Need 2013 Peniel Children in Need

26th October 2013 at St Clears WHKK Championship – Chiara Evans won Bronze for Kata & David Phillips won bronze for Kata & Kumite.  Also well done to all the students who also took part.  Very proud of you all!


Llandybie Grading

Above fourteen students passed their Grades on 1st October 2013 at Llandybie School Hall and below three students passed their Grades on 3rd October 2013.  Well done and keep the hard work up!

Peniel Grading

Brown belt grade 19.7.13

Above: 19th July 2013 – Young Cari Jones passed her first brown belt and Aled Thomas passed his second brown belt under Shihan Alan Francis 6th Dan at his club in Port Talbot.  Well done both of you!

Below: 27th June 2013 – Nantgaredig Higashi club passed their grades well done!

Nantaredig 27.6.13

Llandybie 25.6.13

25th July 2013 – Llandybie Higashi Club passed their grades.  Well done!

24 students from Llandybie Karate all passed their grades on 19th March 2013.  Well done!

14 students from Nantgaredig Karate all passed their grades on 21st March 2013.  Well done!

Sept 12 – Liam Thomas from Llandybie won silver medal at WHKK Championship at St Clears. Well done!

Sept 12 – Aled Thomas won gold & Cari Jones won bronze medals for WHKK championship at St Clears.  Well Done!

On 27th September 2012, 16 Nantgaredig students all passed their grades.  Well done! Da Iawn!  Keep up with the hard work!

On 25th September 2012, 29 Llandybie students are passed their grades.  Well done to you all!  Very proud!




















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