Grading Rules

Grading depends how good you are. If not quite there or need a little more practice, you may get Advanced pass. If all well then its Full pass to next grade.

9th Kyu – Beginners

8th Kyu – White belt

7th Kyu – Yellow

6th Kyu – Orange

5th Kyu – Green

4th Kyu – Purple

Higher grades must attend Manchester to grade

3rd Kyu – Brown

2nd Kyu – Brown

1st Kyu – Brown with white stripe

Black belts from 1st Dan to 10th Dan)


Beginners must have at least 3 months training before any grade.

Juniors – Must attend kata courses at Ammanford

Seniors – Must attend Manchester courses every now and then. Then Grade. I often drive students to there no problem. We do fund raising for this and for Disabled as well.

All students must have a Licence for any gradings & competitions. Please ask Sensei Susy Soravia for the Licence form.

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