Please keep eye out on Facebook Senshi Higashi Karate and the Website susy.karate.co.uk for calendar updates.  Any cancellations will be shown on both.

Please ensure that you apply for your Licence if you are new students.  Ask Sensei Susy Soravia or Sensei Dania Gunning for the Form.  It is £15 per year and must be renewed on Expiry date.  The form must be filled correctly otherwise you will have to pay extra £3 for the Licence book and receive only paper licence as a result.  Also you must pay £15 by cheque to the Registrar – address shown on the back and must include S.A.E otherwise you will not get the Licence at all.

If you want extra training or private tuiton, please inform Sensei Susy Soravia.  Parents for students under 16 must be present.

If you interested in competitions, inform Sensei Susy Soravia and she will inform you of what competition will suit the student and train them ready for that competition.  Always best to start small.

Please ensure that you fill in the form that give permission for photographs for newspapers, facebook etc.  Also on it, can you fill in your address and mobile telephone number etc.  Ask Sensei Susy Soravia or Sensei Dania Gunning for the form.

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