Senior Instructors

Sensei Peter Spanton 9th Dan - Higashi Chief Instructor. Sensei Spanton is World International Kata Judge & is Instructor with over forty years experience.

Sensei Steve Bell 7th Dan – He is Higashi Instructor from Reading.

Sensei Junior Leverve 6th Dan – Multiple World Kumite Champion, Former European Kata Champion, Regarded as the best all around Coach in the world. CIKA World President.

Sensei Jason Netherton 5th Dan – Chief Instructor – CIKA  

In memory of Sensei Keith Mumberson 6th Dan WUKO – World International Referee, Governing Body Chairman, Chief Referee for Wales, Coaching Officer for Wales and Sensei Brian McDowell 6th Dan from Cardiff Karate.

Sensei Barbara Mumberson – 7th Dan – Kata Champion – Higashi Wales


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