Senior Instructors

 Sensei Steve Bell 7th Dan - He is the main Chief Instructor for Higashi Karate Kai – England, Wales, Ireland

Sensei Susan Skinner-Spanton 7th Dan – She assisted with Sensei Steve bell HKK for gradings England. 

Sensei Jon Dunn 6th Dan – He is Chief Instructor for HKKW (Higashi Karate Kai Wales)

Sensei Michael Clancy 6th Dan and Sensei Raymond Conway 5th Dan -  Higashi Karate in Sligo Ireland.

Sensei Steve Gibbs 6th Dan and Sensei John Spurgeon 4th Dan – Higashi Karate in Maldon

Sensei Jerome Kumedzina and Sensei Colin Heath – Higashi Coach for Competitions in West England

Sensei Jennie Falconer – Chief Referee at HKK England and Fighter in World Championship in 1982


In memory of Sensei Peter Spanton 9th Dan – Higashi Chief Instructor. Sensei Spanton was World International Kata Judge & is Instructor with over forty years experience.

Sensei Keith Mumberson 6th Dan WUKO – World International Referee, Governing Body Chairman, Chief Referee for Wales, Coaching Officer for Wales

Sensei Brian McDowell 6th Dan from Cardiff Karate.

Never to be forgotten. Rest in Peace



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